Cookie Policy

How we use cookies

​A cookie is a small text file which can be downloaded on to your equipment [computer hard drive, smart phone etc] via your web browser, when you visit a website. Cookies can do all sorts of sophisticated things but we use them for quite simple purposes and comply with the UK legal requirements on the use of cookies.  Cookies generally fall into two categories; essential or strictly necessary cookies and non-essential cookies such as performance cookies.

Essential cookies help deliver the core functionality of the site. These cookies are used for login/logout purposes and to process cart information for payments e.g. if you are booking several term time classes or camps for one or more children, the cookie helps retain the information in your cart until you’re ready to pay.

Non essential cookies are used by us to improve user experience across the site and for data analytics’ purposes, specifically collecting information on number of visitors to the site, frequency of visits, pages visited. You can choose to accept or refuse these cookies by clicking by changing your browser settings or declining cookies as part of the consent box when it appears on our site. You can also delete cookies via your browser settings.

We use a tool to help manage our cookies and obtain your consent via an initial pop up box. The pop up includes information about cookie types and enables you to manage your preferences at any time for non-essential cookies.