Complaints Policy

This policy tells you how to make a complaint at Brondesbury Coaching.

This is the policy that we will follow if your complaint is about someone’s conduct or behaviour. This could be because you think that someone has behaved in a way that is unsafe, unprofessional, discriminatory, offensive or intimidating. It could be because someone has broken important rules or policies.

Our aim is to put things right wherever possible. Please be reassured that we will take lessons from all issues identified to ensure that we continue to improve. We always treat your complaint confidentially and all complaints will be dealt with fairly.

What should you do?

If any issues arise during camps or lessons, it is important to inform the Head Coach who will strive to rectify any issues before you need to make a formal complaint. After sessions, we urge all of our campers to let us know when things may not be right, affording us the opportunity to remedy any issues wherever possible.

Making a formal complaint

You can raise a complaint with us by:

  • Letter
  • Email

We aim to acknowledge your concerns within 48 hours of receipt (excluding weekends). Once received and where required we will then carry out an investigation to your concerns and will respond again within 10 working days. At this time, we will either inform you of the outcome of the complaint or we may require an extension in order to fully resolve the issue.

We will aim to resolve all complaints within an eight-week period after receipt of the complaint, unless the nature is deemed to require third party support and an independent adjudicator for resolution. If this is the case, new time frames may be required and agreed.

Send your complaint to

Marina Lavarello
5A Harman Drive

Is there anyone else I can talk to?

Sometimes it can be useful to speak directly to someone outside the place to play:

  • You need urgent welfare advice
  • You don’t want to discuss the issue with someone at the venue
  • You need specialist advice.

The LTA is able to advise on a range of different complaints, and in some cases will handle the complaint directly.  If you are worried about a child’s welfare, you can contact the following people:

  • LTA Welfare- 0208 487 7000 or by email at
  • Childline, NSPCC advice line, local social services or police.