Accident and Emergency Guidelines

Outlined below are some suggestions for you to include in your guidelines for dealing with an incident/accident.

  • Stay calm but act swiftly and observe the situation. Is there any danger of further injuries?
  • Listen to what the injured person is saying
  • If the injury is minor, alert your first aider to take appropriate action
  • If the injury requires specialist treatment, call the emergency services
  • Deal with the rest of the group and ensure that they are adequately supervised
  • Do not move someone with major injuries - wait for the emergency services
  • Contact the injured person’s parent/carer
  • Complete an incident/accident report form

Brondesbury Sports Club provides emergency first aid and the following coaches and members all hold an up to date appointed person’s first aid certificate:

Qualified coaches/members

Marina Lavarello
Alex Dillon
Angus Whitefield
Judith Lorenzo
Joe Bamford
Eliot Newton
Tzarina Tuen Matthews
Finlay Whitefield

First aid equipment is stored in the following locations

2 x sets in Tennis Pavilion

  • On top of cupboard on the right window
  • In kitchen cupboard to the right of the dishwasher (cupboard labeled with a green cross)

There is a heart defibrillator in the clubhouse with easy to use instructions with voice recognition.

Nearest Accident and Emergency Department

Royal Free Hospital
Pond Street

In cases of smaller potential first aid risks and issues call NHS 111 emergency and urgent care services, before 999.