My children have been learning tennis with Marina for many years now and thoroughly enjoy it. When the opportunity to attend the new Multi Sport came up, I booked them both in. Whenever I mentioned about going to multi sport camp my 7 year old daughter said ‘I’m NOT going’,  well, all I can say is that 10 minutes into the start of camp, she did not want to leave and ran into camp every day after that. She had a brilliant time and loved every moment. I had only booked my son in for 3 days and on another camp for 2 days, he refused to go to the other camp and only wanted to attend the Multi Sport camp at Brondesbury. 

Once Multi Sport was finished he wanted to attend Tennis Camp…..no other words required, they just love Camp at Brondesbury. They are both really looking forward to the term time lessons to start again soon, as they have fun, love the teachers oh, and learn to play a fantastic game. 
Thank you Marina and your fab team.

– Karen


My husband has been refusing to learn playing tennis for 15 years… until he saw how much our older daughter enjoys it, how happy she is to go to the tennis groups, even after a long day at school, and how she is looking forward to holiday tennis camps and tournaments.

It is all due to Marina and her team, who are fun, caring, kind and, of course, very professional, so the children are learning to play this wonderful game and whilst at it, they are learning lots of other life lessons: how to treat their friends, how to compete in a fair fashion, how to deal with losing.

Our club is extremely fortunate to have Marina: the camps and classes are run like a Swiss clock: children as well as adults are improving their technique and keeping motivation.

Marina is always around to give a good tip, to find the right approach to everyone from a 4 year old to mature adults. So now Marina teaches my whole family, including both my girls, my husband and me. My husband has progressed so far that he can play against my younger daughter and he even hopes to catch up with the 9 year old, but one has to be realistic.  :-)

– Elena

Marina has coached me for 2 years and is an inspiring and brilliant coach both giving confidence and pushing for improvement every session. Lessons are full of high energy hitting, concentrated focus on technique, from head to toes, and lots of fun.

I’ve been keener to improve thanks to the coach’s energy and determination to get the most out of any potential they see.

There is no slacking off, room for lots of laughter and encyclopedic knowledge about the sport. I always look forward to training and can’t wait to keep learning more.

– Aty


Both our kids thoroughly enjoy their term time lessons and the holiday camps which are well taught and fun for the kids. There is always a great atmosphere amongst the kids and the coaches.

– Shelley


“A racquet, a ball and HOPE” – that’s Serena and me. She as a child and me newly retired in my mid sixties; neither of us ever having played this perplexing game before.

It is testament to the coaches of both of us that we have achieved so much albeit on slightly different levels!

I started with Beginners Group Coaching on a cold Tuesday January morning in 2011 and have gradually progressed to the dizzy heights of Improvers! Such patience and encouragement, both from coaches and fellow players, is seldom encountered in today’s world.

It is there in abundance at Brondesbury. 

The coaches, who are blessed with 360 degree vision, are “kind but firm” and so have managed, with difficulty at times, to build up my confidence and concentration or should that be “playing stamina”?

Brondesbury Tennis Club has taught me so much beyond the techniques required to get a ball over a net and into that all elusive space. It saved my sanity after retirement in the most enjoyable way possible – I just wish I had started as a child and I can’t help but envy the skilful young players being nurtured in the Junior Coaching Programme.

– Diane

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